Jose Silva

Fort Lauderdale, FL. USA

"Every human is an Artist...

-Miguel Angel Ruiz

The dream of your life is to make Beautiful Art"


Growing up I always preferred crayons and paper to any toy. I was raised in Venezuela, and lucky to have parents that encouraged my artistic inclinations to drawing, painting, and sculpting. I also always had a fascination for movies too, specially the visual effects. I would always stay up late wondering how it was all done. After graduating high school, I moved to Miami, looking for better opportunities for myself to make a career in the fields I was interested in.

I got an Associates in Graphic and Commercial Arts, and then got my Bachelor Degree in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. It involved everything I loved; art and design, as well as animation and visual effects. For my demo, i worked on a short movie, a fairy story. Being a full time student, and working 2 retail jobs, this fairy project was very ambitious. It brought me sweat and tears, but eventually also earned me Best Portfolio in graduation, in June 2006.

I immediately started working with video production companies, learning and making connections. Eventually I built a great network of professionals and enough clients to incorporate my own company; New Visual Spectrum was born in 2010.

Now, I continue to have an entrepreneurial spirit, always looking to start new creative projects and finding ways to collaborate with different artists. Along the way, I've found great inspiration in the yoga practice, and I've also adopted two kitties that keep my instagram alive. Feel free to contact me; Facebook is the best ways to do so, as emails sometimes get lost in junk mail. I hope you have found some inspiration on my website and I'd be happy to hear from you!